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 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE December 20, 2012
 New Exhibition at GLBT History Museum Highlights Queer Lives, Queer Archives From Around the World
 San Francisco -- A new exhibition opening on February 1 in the Front Gallery at The GLBT History Museum will draw on innovative curatorial work combining art and history to offer a glimpse into the ways queer lives from the past are honored in archives around the world. Conceived by E. G. Crichton, the museum's artist-in-residence, "Migrating Archives: LGBT Delegates From Other Collections" will present materials from nearly a dozen countries, with each participating organization providing photographs of artifacts and documents to portray the experiences of one or two individuals.
 "The archives from countries far and wide are sending representations of their chosen collections as delegates to San Francisco," says Crichton. "The images will be brought together in large graphic wall panels and associated videos to create portraits of both the organizations taking part and the historical lives they have chosen to represent them.
 "It's as though the people who will be portrayed are themselves virtual delegates to our city and our time," Crichton adds. "Some of the individuals included are famous, and others are ordinary people whose artifacts were found or donated after they died. One or two remain anonymous, reflecting the fate of so many LGBT people whose names have disappeared from history."
 Organizations and collections participating in the "Migrating Archives" exhibition include Adarna, Manila, The Philippines; Australian Lesbian and Gay Archives, Melbourne, Australia; Cassero Gay and Lesbian Center, Bologna, Italy; Fonds Suzan Daniel, Ghent, Belgium; Gay and Lesbian Memory in Action (GALA), Johannesburg, South Africa; Hall-Carpenter Archives, London; Labrisz, Budapest, Hungary; National Archives, London; and the James Branch Cabell Library, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia.
 "My idea is to put materials that are precious to each collection into motion as they become guests and hosts, sometimes crossing national borders more easily than individuals can," notes Crichton. "For people whose traces are so often erased even by our biological families, omitted from official histories, or just lost, archives are a way of creating our own lineage. 'Migrating Archives' is designed to both demonstrate and inspire this vital process of historical self-creation."
 "Migrating Archives" opens on Friday, Feb. 1, 2013, with a public reception from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. at The GLBT History Museum, 4127 18th St., San Francisco. The exhibition runs through May 2013.
 The museum is open Monday and Wednesday through Saturday 11:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.; Sunday, noon - 5:00 p.m.; closed Tuesday. Admission is $5.00 (regular); $3.00 (California students with ID); free for members. For more information, visit www.glbthistorymuseum.org.
 Open since January 2011, The GLBT History Museum in San Francisco's Castro District is the first full-scale, stand-alone museum of its kind in the United States. Currently featured in the Main Gallery is a long-term exhibition: "Our Vast Queer Past: Celebrating San Francisco's GLBT History." The Front Gallery and Corner Gallery spaces present changing exhibitions.
 The museum is a project of the GLBT Historical Society, a research center and archives that collects, preserves and interprets the history of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people and the communities that support them. Founded in 1985, the society maintains one of the world's largest collections of GLBT historical materials.
 For more information, visit http://www.glbthistory.org
 Following are the exhibition participants confirmed as of late December. Further
participants likely will be added before the opening:
 Australia Australian Lesbian and Gay Archives (Melbourne)
 Belgium Fonds Suzan Daniel -- Belgian LGBT Archives and Documentation Center (Ghent)
 Hungary Labrisz (Budapest)
 Italy Cassero Gay and Lesbian Center (Bologna)
 The Philippines Adarna (Manila)
 South Africa Gay and Lesbian Memory in Action -- GALA (Johannesburg)
 United Kingdom Hall-Carpenter Archives (London)
 The National Archives London
 United States Special Collections and Archives, James Branch Cabell Library, Virginia Commonwealth University (Richmond, Va.)
 EDITOR'S NOTE: Following are three of the photographs that will be displayed in "Migrating Archives." All may be reproduced free of charge in media coverage of the exhibition, provided the credits given in the captions are included.
 South African activist Bev Ditsie (left) on her 16th birthday. Photo: Courtesy Gay and Lesbian Memory in Action (Johannesburg, South Africa).
 Demonstration in Milan, Italy, against the U.S. Supreme Court decision that upheld the constitutionality of a Georgia sodomy law (July,1, 1986). Antonio Frainer is the nun on the right Photo: Courtesy Felix Co; Cassero Gay and Lesbian Center (Bologna, Italy).
 Suzanne De Pues, born in 1918, gradually became aware of her feelings for women. In the 1930s, she discovered gay and lesbian nightlife in Brussels and adopted the pseudonym she would use henceforth: Suzan Daniel. At the same time she was active as Belgium's youngest and first female film critic. Photo: Courtesy Fonds Suzan Daniel (Ghent, Belgium).
 The following photograph of curator E. G. Crichton may be reproduced free of charge; credit: GLBT Historical Society (San Francisco).
 E. G. Crichton, curator of "Migrating Archives" and artist-in-residence at The GLBT History Museum, San Francisco.
 For a selection of high-resolution photographs of The GLBT History Museum, along with captions and credit information, see the following DropBox folder. The photos may be reproduced free of charge in media reports.
 Visitors to The GLBT History Museum https://www.dropbox.com/sh/qzdkfuecozs5j2v/YYK3ja7AAQ

 人名や地名などの読みは仮のものです。スカイプとかやってる人なら先方のキュレイター氏に電話して発音してもらうなんてことも思いつくんだろうが、残念ながら普段の藤吉は文字コミュニケーションのオンリーさんなのでそこまでやれない。すいません。なお、途中にある参加団体へのリンクは参加者一覧の名称部分にリンクを貼ったのでそちらをどうぞ。フィリピンのフェイスブックページは食べ物屋さんのものなのだが、そちらで改革宴会とかなさっているのかもしれない。あと、末尾に紹介されている写真についてはテキスト版のメールマガジンでは見られないが、ミュージアムのバックナンバーページで確認できるので そちら をどうぞ。

 速報 2012年12月20日
 「移動するアーカイブズ」展に参加する組織とコレクションには、フィリピンのマニラにあるAdama、オーストラリアのメルボルンにあるAustralian Lesbian and Gay Archives、イタリアのボローニャにあるCassero Gay and Lesbian Center、ベルギーのヘントにあるFonds Suzan Daniel南アフリカヨハネスブルクにあるGay and Lesbian Memory in Action (GALA)、ロンドンにあるHall-Carpenter ArchivesハンガリーブダペストにあるLabrisz、ロンドンの国立アーカイブズバージニア州リッチモンドバージニアコモンウェルス大学にあるJames Branch Cabell Libraryがある。
 16歳の誕生日の南アフリカの活動家ベヴ・ディツィ(左)。提供 Gay and Lesbian Memory in Action(南アフリカヨハネスブルク
 ジョージア州ソドミー法が合憲性を支持したアメリ最高裁の判断に抗議するイタリア、ミラノのデモンストレーション(1986年7月1日)。アントニオ・フレネールは写真右の尼僧。提供 フェリックス・コー、Cassero Gay and Lesbian Center (イタリア、ボローニャ)
 シュザンヌ・ド・ピュエスは1918年生まれで女性への愛情を次第に意識していった。1930年代に彼女はブリュッセルにゲイ、レズビアンの夜の生活があることを発見し、それ以後ずっと使うこととなるスーザン・ダニエルという偽名を名のった。と同時に彼女はベルギーで最年少かつ最初の女性映画批評家として活躍していた。提供 Fonds Suzan Daniel (ベルギー、ヘント)
 以下に掲載のE・G・クリチトンの写真は無償利用可能。クレジットはGLBT Historical Society (サンフランシスコ)
 Visitors to The GLBT History Museum https://www.dropbox.com/sh/qzdkfuecozs5j2v/YYK3ja7AAQ

 ちょいと前のBBCのニュース(テレビ)だったと思うが、アフリカのどこかの国で性的マイノリティの男性がめちゃひどい(暴力を伴う)差別を受けていて、それに抗議し始めたというようなニュースを見て(黒人のみなさんがレインボーフラッグを掲げていた)、ほう! アフリカにもゲイの人がおるのかと驚いた。この驚きのなかにこそ、たぶん藤吉のアフリカの人々に対する(当事者から見たら偏見としか言いようのない)意識が見てとれる。それはそれとして、どんな地域にもマイノリティの人々はいて、その人々のありかたも地域なりに多様なんだろう。これだけの国々から「性的マイノリティ」という共通項で集められた展示は、きっとおもしろいであろうなあ。リバティおおさかに呼んでくれたりしないかな。先方への口利きくらいなら藤吉にもできると思います。